Wednesday, August 1, 2012

50 Shades of................Romney

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Catching the wave of the popularity of the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy, Tim Young, with tongue firmly entrenched in cheek, titled his expose book on Gov. Romney 50 Shades of Romney: Hint, They're All White. Lest you think I'm making a personal political statement by including this review on a presidential candidate, rest assured that the one focusing on President Obama will be read and reviewed as soon as it's completed. Young says, "I want to let you all know that I'll also be writing one of these on President Obama as well. I actually don't like either one of the candidates."  He adds, "This Presidential election literally pits a President who hasn't accomplished much (insert your excuse here) with the worst challenger in the history of man."

In this election, for the first time since I took that first important step into a polling place with my voter card clutched tightly in hand, I am at a loss as to where to cast my vote. Mr. Young describes my feelings exactly as he sums up his own by saying: "To use a sports analogy, it is like the two worst teams in history are playing each other in a Tuesday daytime game, and it's not free bobblehead day. Those teams could essentially leave the billion-dollar stadium and play on the street and no one would watch."

I can remember my pacifist grandmother standing in her living room door and looking at the wreck that we five grandkids had made of her home while she was in the garden picking peas. Instead of screaming at us, she just stood there shaking her head sadly and saying "Lord have mercy," over and over. I know how she felt when I think about this upcoming election. Have mercy, what a mess.

Although the title makes it sound as if this book is one-sided slanted to the left, it is actually written in a very straight-forward "just the facts" outline. Every fact that is stated is backed up with easily researchable documents (and is dosed with a dash of humor which, just like sugar, makes the medicine go down a bit easier).

Very well-written, this is an easy read, and in my personal opinion,  whether you bow to the donkey or the elephant gosh (neither deserves to be called a "god" the way they've been behaving recently), it should be required reading.

Amazon's description: In his own self-review of this book, the author Tim Young says, "BRILLIANT! This is the snarky, intelligent, and hilarious look into the inconsistencies throughout Mitt Romney’s political career that both Democrats and apathetic Republicans have been waiting for."

Comedian and pundit Tim Young tears apart the 2012 race and analyzes the statements of Mitt Romney in this no-holds barred commentary. He dares to take stabs at everything from Romney’s religious views to his forgetting that he owns guns. In the end, you’ll question why the Republican Party chose Romney as their candidate and even more so, why he is even a Republican

I couldn't have said it better myself. If you plan to vote in November, I strongly suggest you "buy" (it's free at a copy of this book (AND of the Obama one to follow) for a dash of humor along with the bitter dose of necessary truths.

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  1. now this is a book I want to read... and the upcoming one on President Obama as well.