Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Amelia's Last Secret by Eric Wilson

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I have always been a fan of Amelia Earhart so I was thrilled to find this book on my "should read" Kindle list. It is fairly short, a novella, but packed with so much action and information that I would put it on anyone's "absolutely must read" list. Although no one will ever "know" what Amelia's last minutes were like, New York Times best-selling author Mr. Wilson certainly gives us a chance to imagine them, and to spend them with her. The inclusion of the "Windtalkers" (Navaho code breakers) in the book, especially allowing us to meet and get to know Oliver, was a stroke of genius in an already fabulous work of factual fiction. Although the storyline is fast paced, this is in fact an easy paced read...a great book for young adults or old.

The research for this novella was obviously done with care and a great love of history. As well as a love for intrigue and mystery. The characters he created are woven in with the real-life characters so easily that you forget whether you're reading fact or fiction (or as in this case, a talented blend of the two) and just fall deep into the story.

Amazon's description:

AMELIA'S disappearance stunned the world.
Her LAST SECRET will surprise you.

Amelia Earhart vanished 75 years ago while flying over the Pacific. Was she part of an American spy mission? Was she eloping to escape a suffocating lifestyle and marriage? Or did she die as a stowaway on a remote island? With Hillary Clinton's announcement that a team would be investigating new evidence in the Phoenix Islands, this story is as timely as it is well-researched.

Take flight in this fast-paced adventure, from a NY Times bestselling novelist.

I think they should have said a lot more, but perhaps to do so would have been a spoiler. If you're a fan of strong women who changed history, if you are an aviation bug, if you are an avid reader of American Indian history or if you simply enjoy a good story line with great dialogue and believable characters you'll agree with my thumb's up opinion of this one!

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  1. I have always wondered what happened to Amelia... I want to read this book