Friday, August 3, 2012

Taking Out the Trailer Trash

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As you may have noticed, I just can't pass up a clever title or a cool book cover. The covers for this book (there have been two so far) have both been bland, amateurish and uninteresting besides having absolutely zip, nada, nothing to do with the story. But, you have to admit the title makes up for that.

This cozy mystery by Janice Ivy is very cleverly written, has a great cast of characters and a story line with well-orchestrated twists and turns that kept me guessing all the way. I've thought about running away from home sometimes to write...but this book proves that trouble will follow you sometimes no matter where you go. A very fun, witty read that would be a perfect beach or backyard hammock read. Quite a few errors, possibly formatting, but definitely worth the read.

Living in rural Alabama, I've met my share of trailer trash and apparently Ms. Ivy has spent some time among them as well. She nailed the characters beautifully, in both dialogue and description. I'm not sure the "safe house in the swamp" is believable, but hey, this isn't War and Peace and the book did exactly what is was designed to do. Cheap entertainment!

Amazon's description:
People are dropping like flies at the Happy Times RV Park and Charlene is afraid she might be next if she doesn’t figure out why. The gig as manager of the park in a small town on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi seemed perfect for a writer trying to find time to write her second book, until a resident is found with his brains splattered on his tacky old couch.

Charlene is not alone, she has people to help her out or maybe get her killed. Gus is a good looking cop with a secret past. Maggie looks like everybody’s idea of a perfect grandma, but Charlene finds out she was once the richest madam in the Dixie Mafia. Dave, who may or may not be on the FBI’s most wanted list, is a ZZ Top look alike with the hots for Paula Deen.

Will secrets from past be the death of her or will Charlene along with Boo, Loretta, and Jinx, her trio of neurotic animals make it out alive?


  1. I just found this review and wanted to say thank you very much! I love it when readers like the book, it makes my day.
    Sorry about the cover, I can't quite afford to have one professionally done. But I will eventually! The pictures for both covers are actually of areas that play a part in the book, but I guess that is not evident to people not familiar with the area.
    I'm working on my third book now and it is encouraging that there are folks like you out there taking time to read indie books and comment on them.

  2. Thank you for writing the book. :) I'm considering going the indie route myself, and I'm happy to "meet" a fellow writer. So glad you found me. Please come back and visit again. Re: covers, I've had a lot of fun designing my own. If you ever need help with designing, I'm not great but I'm "original" at least. :) I'd be happy to help. Just drop me an email at Again, thanks for the comment.