Thursday, July 26, 2012

Daddy's Home

Although the title sounds like a Leave It To Beaver episode, in this case "daddy" is the polar opposite of Ward Cleaver. When this guy said Daddy's Home it didn't end well for anybody but dear old dad.
Although you learn the name of the killer in the first few pages, it isn't until near the end that it all ties up in a neat (albeit bloody) bow and you figure out who he really is. This "psychological thriller" storyline was somewhat reminiscent of an episode of Criminal Minds...and just as thrilling and well-written. There was a very warm fuzzy romance threaded through the novel, nicely done. Not too cloying, with enough angst to keep you rooting for the good guys. Characters were well-written and fleshed out nicely and the dialogue and imagery was interesting. Certainly having the protagonist use her mouth (in a, ahem, creative way that would take any man's mind off his driving) to crash a plane as a ploy to remove herself from the hands of a serial killer was unique. A.K. Alexander is the pen name for bestselling mystery author Michele Scott (The Nikki Sands Mystery Series).

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A calculating and deadly killer is in search for what he terms as his perfect family. Preying upon single mothers and their innocent children, the police have dubbed him "The Family Man."

He plays out his role as the perfect father. When things don't go so perfect in his insane fantasy world, the family man kills.

Crime Scene Investigator Holly Jennings of the San Diego Police Department is determined to track him down and see that justice is served. With Holly being a single mother herself, this man's crimes are deeply personal to her, and turn more so when a friend and her daughter become the latest victims of "The Family Man."

Along with tracking an evil killer, Holly is dealing with her own internal demons. She is raising her daughter Chloe alone after the death of her husband--a death she feels guilty for.

To complicate her life further, Holly is doing her best to avoid possibly falling in love again with charming veterinarian Brendan O'Neil. As Holly delves deeper into solving the murders, she finds herself being sucked into a game of cat and mouse by "The Family Man," that may lead her down a dark path too horrible to bear. One that may cost her gravely-her family, her new found love, and even her life.

This wasn't a quick read, but was very enjoyable...if you enjoy being privy to crime scenes so descriptively written that you can almost smell the blood and hear the screams. If you're a fan of James Patterson or John Sanford, you'll probably enjoy this a lot.

Oddly, for some reason the cover to The Lion, The Lamb, The Hunted is what showed up on my Kindle. (There was a preview to this book at the end of Daddy's Home.) Very confusing.