Saturday, July 14, 2012

Grave Illusions

This book and the ones that follow were a very mixed bag for me. I loved the premise. I liked the characters. The writing was good and the plots were well-thought-out. I'm not sure why it all fell just a little bit flat...but the fact that I kept reading after the first one makes the series definitely worthy of a review. If these books were a little more tightly edited and perhaps a little more time taken to develop the characters before tossing them into a love knot, I think Canadian writer Lina Gardiner could cause Charlaine Harris at least a concerned look over her shoulder.
In my not-so-humble opinion, vampires and zombies have been done to death. It's hard to come up with fanged and rotting characters that I'm going to care about. So, again, the fact that I kept reading after the first book definitely gives it an extra star past the three stars that it already firmly deserves.
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From the Amazon Kindle page for Grave Illusions:

New York City is in the grasp of a deadly, unseen enemy. At least unseen by normal society. Lieutenant Jess Vandermire, New York City police officer, is uniquely specialized to recognize and fight this threat. It’s her job to forge a black ops team, an assortment of men and women who wouldn’t be considered for the job under normal circumstances. But these aren’t normal circumstances. The team has to be tough and, if need be, expendable. Jess understands what she’s fighting and what’s at stake. For her, it’s all about retribution until ex-cop John Brittain is recruited to her team. Suddenly, her priorities aren’t quite so easily definable. John Brittain has a chip on his shoulder and is as tough as they come. But is he ready for the whole truth? That combating “super” vampires whose primal need for blood and the addictive drug “Sunshine” is only the beginning of their problems?

And when Jess tells him the truth about herself, will he stay and fight or will he turn against her and not only threaten their lives but destroy the fragile relationship developing between them?

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