Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pagan Moon

Another chilling thriller. This one by William Davis. I was a little leery of this because of the title. Many people don't realize the importance of capitalizing a letter. Huge difference for the word "pagan."  Describing someone as pagan (little p) can mean the presence of devil and Satanic worship. The Pagan religion (capital P) however is a "do no harm" religion of love, peace and tolerance. Pagans do not believe in the Christian God nor do they believe in Satan, so certainly they do not engage in devil worshipping. Anyway, hoping I wasn't paying to have a religious agenda poked down my throat, I followed the advice of a friend and purchased Pagan Moon.

They were right. It was an awesome read. Very chilling. Although I was fairly certain at the begining of the book that it would eventually end well, as things progressed the main characters started going to hell in a handbasket (pardon the pun). Mr. Davis created a macabre setting and filled it with interesting, well-fleshed characters with a complex plot that continued to surprise me until the final pages. I was very entertained. Edge-of-your-seat (or in my case bed) reading. An intriguing twist to the cookie-cutter "serial killer" theme. Add in cyrogenics, terrorists planning to take over the world and the teeniest touch of paranormal and I can't think of a better send-off for a first-time-published writer.

Amazon describes the book as:

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From the savage Everglades to opulent Palm Beach, sheriff’s detective Mike Gage pursues a death cult no one else believes exists. Gage knows they do—his former lover was one of its ritually sacrificed victims. Obsessed with her murder, Mike becomes a homicide cop. Throughout his career more women’s bodies turn up throughout South Florida, all the same mutilation—the brutal extraction of the heart.

When a pretty coed eventually escapes the cult's bloody altar, Gage is shocked when powerful philanthropist and financier Quentin Van Eck is exposed as the group’s high priest. After Van Eck’s mysterious death, his body is cryogenically preserved. That’s when Gage begins to unravel the truth behind Van Eck’s Virilian Foundation and the sinister evil lurking beneath its respectable facade. Assisted by Van Eck’s beautiful widow and a mysterious Frenchman with ties to the ancient Templar order, Gage uncovers the cult’s apocalyptic objective. Cryonic suspension, human sacrifice and satanic worship formulate the alchemy to incarnate a malevolent spirit that will enslave mankind.

Battling the embodiment of evil, Gage challenges a power that could not only take his life but his very soul. James Patterson meets Stephen King.
It did bother me that there were so many formatting errors. Blank pages, loooooong blank spaces in sentences and between paragraphs. It is a credit to the exquisite writing that my eyes soon learned to block out the spaces to avoid the distraction. I would suggest that the author reformat ASAP. This book deserves to go into the fray dressed to the max.


  1. Sounds like one I need to read!

  2. Sounds good. Formatting errors are becoming all to common nowadays...drives me crazy! Hope they take your suggestion and reformat.

  3. Excellent review! Your clarification re "Pagan" vs. "pagan" is interesting.