Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Too good to miss!

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Since I am a "woman of size" or a "real woman" (as I tell myself when I look at the sticks with faces that grace many of our film screens and magazine pages) I am always happy when a woman who can't shop in the Juniors department gets top billing in a movie or book.

I admit my eyes were drawn to the book Too Big To Miss by Sue Ann Jaffarian simply because of the title. The description on its Amazon site convinced me that it was a must-have purchase. I was right. And as soon as I turned the last page of Too Big To Miss, I was back at Amazon.com to purchase another "Odelia Grey mystery." Both books received four stars from me. Each did exactly what it was intended by the author to do...entertained me, puzzled me and made me feel like I'd made a new friend. I had first become acquainted with Ms. Jaffarian's work when I read one of her "Granny Apples" cozy mysteries (which also garnered four stars from me). I heartily suggest Ms. Jaffarian's work to anyone who likes cozy mysteries with a puzzle but not a lot of blood and guts and gore.

Too Big to Miss ... that's Odelia Grey. A never-married, middle-aged, plus-sized woman who makes no excuses for her weight, she's not super woman - just a mere mortal standing on the precipice of menopause, trying to cruise in an ill-fitting bra. She struggles with her relationships, her crazy family, and her crazier boss. And then there's her knack for being in close proximity to dead people . . . . When her close friend Sophie London commits suicide in front of an online web-cam by putting a gun in her mouth and pulling the trigger, Odelia's life is changed forever. Sophie, a plus-sized activist and inspiration to imperfect women, is the last person anyone would ever have expected to end her own life. Suspecting foul play, Odelia is determined to get to the bottom of her friend's death. Odelia's search for the truth takes her from southern California strip malls to the world of live web-cam porn to the ritzy enclave of Corona del Ma.  

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