Thursday, July 19, 2012

Maggie For Hire

First, let me ask you...(and no, the question isn't "are you feeling lucky, punk") have you read and did you like The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher? If the answer is yes to both of those, well whether you're feeling it or not, you're in luck! Maggie For Hire has very much the same tone and feel of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files and is just as intriguing. (If you haven't read either Dresden OR Maggie then you're too far behind for me to help you right now. Go buy two copies and call me in the morning.)

As soon as I read the synopsis I figured I was going to like it. When I also read the "WARNING: This book contains cussing, brawling, and unladylike behavior. Proceed with caution" I knew absolutely sure that Kate Danley and I were gonna be buds (in my head at least). 

I love strong women. Not stringent "butch stalking in army boots, ima kick your butt" type strong, but women who can handle themselves in any situation AND both wear army boots and use them for pretty swift butt-kickin'. In a perfect world, they look really good while they're doing it too. In my head, I have the potential to be that kind of woman. In this book, Maggie MacKay is definitely the type. She is my hero. Or maybe Kate Danley is for creating Maggie? Either way, I loved the book.

Yeah, some of it coulda been fleshed out more. And there were the usual ebook tendencies for formatting and other errors. But, when you're really engrossed in a book you don't notice so much. And I was. And I didn't.

Click HERE to order says about Maggie For Hire:

When monsters appear in Los Angeles, Maggie MacKay is on the job. No one is better at hauling the creepy crawlies back where they belong. No one, that is, except her dad, who disappeared without a trace in the middle of an assignment.

Now an elf named Killian has shown up with a gig. Seems Maggie's uncle is working with the forces of dark to turn Earth into a vampire convenience store, serving bottomless refills on humans.

The only hope for survival lies in tracking down two magical objects and a secret that vanished with Maggie's father.

I'm usually up for giving a chance to any book with action, good character development and paranormal elements. In Maggie For Hire I found the paranormal elements in the form of fairies, ghouls, vampires and other things that go bump in the night. I found the action in a very good story line carried out by well-developed characters that I'd love to invite over for dinner and a movie one night. So long as Killian agrees to carry Maggie's back up gun.

Although as I might have mentioned, I'm a little burned out on the whole idea of "series"...I can't wait to have the second in the series come up in my queue.

Sadly, there was no main dog character (not even a cat...that I recall) but there was a sexy drop-dead gorgeous male elf named Killian. I can forgive the lack of a pet in this case.


  1. I just bought the series on Kindle, When I checked the new "whole series" listing @ Amazon I found I've had the first two since 2012, unread. I'll be sure to read them now!

  2. Bobbye.....I fell in here to read your review for "Maggie for hire", read your welcome and error comments, and fully agree! I hope you are still active, as I don't know how to find anything new.....